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Get Well Soon

Greg Dobbs has the flu or a stomach virus, but it can’t be too serious.

How do I know?

Because somebody boarded up Dobbs’ locker at Citizens Bank Park with cardboard, yellow “caution” tape and masking tape. In the middle was a sign that read:

Greg Dobbs Update
Thomas Jefferson Hospital
Room #—
Visiting hours for family and friends from 6-8 p.m.

Please be advised to wear a mask!!

Ruben Amaro Jr. said the Phillies still did not want Dobbs, who was sent to Philadelphia before Game 2 of the World Series last night, around the team until his condition improves. Pedro Martinez complained of illness before his start last night and Tyler Walker, who is not on the active roster, was sent home because of sickness.

“I think pretty much guys are OK,” Amaro said. “We have some guys getting checked out, but most guys seem to be OK.”


Charlie Manuel has been asked plenty about why he didn’t send his base runners in motion in the top of the eighth inning in Game 2. Chase Utley hit into a double play, although replays show he beat the throw.

I’ve got to agree with Manuel here. Utley is not a double-play threat. He hit into just five double plays this season, and just 49 in his career. Remember what happened when the Mets sent runners in motion against the Phillies at Citi Field this season? Eric Bruntlett made history with a game-ending unassisted triple play. At the time the Phillies were puzzled why the Mets would send their runners in that situation. Crazy things happen. Jorge Posada would have had a clean throw to third to get Jimmy Rollins, too, had Utley swung and missed.

“I don’t know if we’ve ever done it,” Amaro said. “Have we done it all year? I don’t know that we’ve ever done it. So why change things that we haven’t done all year? I think that becomes a fatal mistake when teams start doing things they haven’t done before. That’s just not what we do. Not in that situation. I can’t recall one time in the five years Charlie has been manager that he has done that.”


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Who's Your Daddy?

martinez 2004 alcs.jpg

It’s the Yankees vs. Pedro Martinez in Game 2.

Who’s your daddy? We’ll find out.

Here is what the Yankees had to say about Martinez facing his nemesis:

Johnny Damon

“Five years ago, Pedro and I accomplished something awesome. We get to face each other in the World Series. Only one of us is going to be the winner, and hopefully it’s me. I’m sure it’s going to be crazy, but our fans are going to be behind our team so they’d like to rattle Pedro. But I think Pedro has said it time and time before that a kid coming from where he grew up in the Dominican Republic, he’s able to have the world focus on him. He’s definitely come a long way since he started playing baseball.”

Does he think Pedro will thrive in this situation? “Let’s hope not. Pedro knows how to handle himself. Pedro was the best pitcher in this league for many years. He knows what it takes to be in the spotlight. He’s thrived in the spotlight before. Our job is to try to beat him. The way he pitched against the Dodgers, he looked pretty special. That’s not what we want to say.”

Does he think the ‘Who’s your daddy?’ chants bothered him? “I don’t think so. I think Pedro knows how to be dominating out there. He knows how to rise to the occasion. He feeds off of it.”

Jorge Posada

“Hopefully, we get to him like we did with the Red Sox.”

Derek Jeter

“Is he pitching Game 2? He’s always enjoyed playing here and pitching here. He’s had success here, too. I’m sure he’s looking forward to it. He’s always been a challenge for us, whether it was Boston or the Mets. He enjoys being in the spotlight and pitching in these games and he’s always been tough and I’m sure he’s going to be a huge challenge for us.”

What comes to mind when thinking about facing Pedro? (Laughs) “A lot of things come to mind. Some things I can’t say. He’s a competitor. He’s a guy when we were facing Boston all those years, he’s a guy that you looked forward to facing. You didn’t want to do it, but you looked forward to facing him because he was a challenge. Pedro is going to go down as one of the best pitchers to ever play this game. What he did, especially for the Red Sox all those years, we had a lot of battles with him. You always look forward to that challenge, even though it’s a tough challenge.”


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