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Carrasco? Drabek? Who?

carrasco.jpgA popular choice to fill Antonio Bastardo‘s spot in the rotation Thursday in Atlanta is Triple-A right-hander Carlos Carrasco.

He is one of the team’s top pitching prospects, and it could be his turn to get a shot.

But while Ruben Amaro Jr. said nice things about Carrasco (4-7, 4.92 ERA) today when I asked about him, he also quickly mentioned Rodrigo Lopez (5-4, 3.91 ERA), Kyle Kendrick (4-4, 3.97 ERA) and Andrew Carpenter (7-1, 2.75 ERA) as possibilities. Carpenter is having the best season of the four. Lopez has the most big-league experience. Kendrick has more experience than Carrasco or Carpenter.

One person who isn’t a candidate is Double-A Reading right-hander Kyle Drabek (4-0, 2.43 ERA). In fact, Drabek isn’t expected to be a candidate to help the Phillies at all in 2009.

Here is what Amaro told me earlier today about Drabek:

“He’s got great stuff,” Amaro said. “He’s going to be a quality Major League pitcher, if he stays healthy. But we do not believe he is ready to pitch in the big leagues at this time. He needs more Minor League experience. I would not count on him for the 2009 season. He’s not somebody we would actively move to the big leagues because he needs time to pitch in the Minor Leagues and he’s coming off [Tommy John] surgery. Now, there are circumstances that may change that, but right now we’re fully committed to having him pitch in the Minor Leagues in 2009.”

That does not shock me because I had trouble coming up with a player recently who made the jump from Single-A to the big leagues in the same season and had success doing it. I also had trouble coming up with a pitcher who made the jump from Single-A to the big leagues in the same season after missing most of the previous season recovering from Tommy John surgery.

Amaro said circumstances could change, which could put Drabek back in the mix. But now it appears Drabek’s earliest shot at the Majors will be 2010.


Amaro on the trade market at the moment: “When you have this many teams in the race it’s very thin. It’s always thin. Again, there were three teams who got pitching last year. Three teams out of 30. That’s 10 percent. We can say, ‘Pretty please can we have a pitcher?’ but that doesn’t mean one will become available.”


Scott Eyre is scheduled to make a rehab appearance tonight for the rookie-level Gulf Coast League Phillies.


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Hamels' Grips

Cole Hamels is featured in the July/August issue of Men’s Health.

The magazine had Hamels show the grips for his three pitches: fastball, changeup and curveball. Alan Nathan, a professor of physics at the University of Illinois, explained how they work.

fastball.jpgThe Four-Seam Fastball

“If your fingers are symmetrical and perpendicular to the top seam, you’ll release the ball with maximum backspin,” Nathan says. The resulting upward force opposes the downward pull of gravity.







The Circle Changeup
Grip the top with the lengths, not the tips, of your last three fingers. “The ball will rest farther back in your palm, which will slow the pitch,” Nathan says. Slower pitches magnify the effects of spin, caused here by the slight tilt of the thumb-and- forefinger circle.






0907-curveball-200x200.jpgThe Curve Ball

To prime your pitch for this classic trick, squeeze the length of the top seam with your middle finger and place your index finger slightly behind it. “Your fingers will release the ball with top spin, causing it to drop as it approaches the strike zone,” Nathan says.






Right-hander Kyle Drabek and left-hander Yohan Flande will represent the Phillies next month in the Futures All-Star Game in St. Louis.


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Sweep in SD, Back to LA

nlcs werth.jpg











My last time at Dodger Stadium, I left the visitor’s clubhouse drenched in champagne.

The Phillies had just won Game 5 of the National League Championship Series to clinch their first trip to the World Series since 1993. I remember Pat Burrell standing to the side soaking everything in while teammates celebrated around him. I remember Charlie Manuel afterward that he felt the Phillies were going to go all the way.

Good times.

The Phillies open a four-game series tonight against the Dodgers under much different circumstances, but that doesn’t mean this four-game series won’t be interesting. The Phillies are riding a six-game winning streak to improve to 31-20, which is the second-best record in the league. The best? The Dodgers, who are 37-18.


J.A. Happ seems to be taking advantage of his opportunity, huh?


J.C. Romero is back in the fold. That’s good for the bullpen.


We hope to know more about Shane Victorino‘s hip/back injury today.


Kyle Drabek rocked his Double-A debut.


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Ibanez Is Second in NL All-Star Voting

ibanez 09.jpgWho knew Philadelphians could stuff a ballot box?

You were upset that Raul Ibanez, who is second in the National League in home runs and RBIs, ranked sixth amongst NL outfielders in All-Star voting last week. So what did you do? You hit the Internet and punched holes in ballots at the ballpark. It worked. MLB just released its latest voting update and Ibanez ranks second amongst NL outfielders with 817,849 votes.

Chase Utley still leads NL second basemen.

But in a sign fans just aren’t stuffing ballots for Ibanez and Utley, Jimmy Rollins ranks second amongst shortstops, Ryan Howard ranks third amongst first basemen and Pedro Feliz, who quietly is having a fine season, ranks fifth amongst third basemen. Those three players also moved up since last week.


Ryan Howard has been named co-NL Player of the Week with Adrian Gonzalez.


To anybody who uses Twitter: the only Phillies who have Twitter accounts are Chad Durbin, Jamie Moyer‘s Moyer Foundation and the Phillies. That’s it. That means no other players, coaches, managers or broadcasters.

So, no, Utley does not Twitter. I’m only pointing that out because Utley apparently is doing a Twitterview today with golfer John Raser. Except the real Utley knows nothing about it. I figured this out when a) it mentioned Utley’s bogus Twitter account and b) when it said Utley is going to be discussing “marketing, branding, the power of social media and obviously some baseball talk. I will be picking Chase’s brain about the benefits and even goals athletes may have by embracing their fans and the world through social media.” If you’ve ever interviewed Utley, you know it’s like pulling teeth. I couldn’t imagine Utley talking about “marketing, branding and the power of social media,” much less via Twitter.

Yo, Raser, you might be Twitterviewing somebody today, but it won’t be Utley.


The Phillies promoted RHP Kyle Drabek from Single-A Clearwater to Double-A Reading.


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