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Moyer Hits 262 and 500

moyer 0514 2010.jpg

Jamie Moyer picked up his 262nd career win last night in a 9-5 victory over the Brewers, which is 40th all-time.

He also allowed his 500th career homer, which is second all-time.

Moyer sits at 501 after he allowed three solo homers in the second inning to the Brewers, which has him four behind Robin Roberts, who allowed 505 for the all-time record. Moyer has thrown 3,947 2/3 innings in his career, which ranks 43rd. Roberts threw 4,688 2/3, which ranks 21st.

Rounding out the top 10 in career homers allowed are Ferguson Jenkins (483), Phil Niekro (482), Don Sutton (472), Frank Tanana (448), Warren Spahn (434), Bert Blyleven (430), Steve Carlton (414) and Randy Johnson (411). That’s not bad company.

“There’s a lot of chances out there,” Moyer said. “You can’t give up 500 in 600 at-bats, can you? I’ve thrown a few innings in my career. You’re going to give up hits, home runs, walks, strikeouts, errors. I don’t really keep track of it all.”

A couple Moyer homer notes:

  • Manny Ramirez has homered off of Moyer the most – 10 times.
  • Moyer has surrendered home runs in 41 different ballparks (89 in Safeco – the most for any one park).
  • He has allowed 292 solo home runs and seven grand slams.
  • He has served up 377 homers to righties and 124 to lefties.
  • Jim Edmonds, the man who touches Moyer up for the 500th, had never homered against Moyer before the milestone.


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Hamels On Losing His Cool

hamels 1014.jpgCole Hamels
said he reacted just like any Phillies fan would have reacted.

He threw up his arms.

There is an unwritten rule in baseball about showing up teammates on the field, and when Hamels showed his frustrations after Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley could not turn an inning-ending double play in the fifth inning last night in Game 1 of the NLCS, he appeared to break that rule. Charlie Manuel said today before Game 2 that he would talk with Hamels about it. Rich Dubee had little to say, other than it would be handled internally.

“It’s not going to look good ever,” Hamels said. “Why do you allow guys to fist pump when they get out of an inning? We’re very emotional, and this game is very hard, so when you get in those situations, you make the right pitch and something actually happens and then you’re not able to come through, it’s draining. But at the same time, you see the ticker and it’s five innings, four earned runs.”

Asked before the game about Hamels throwing up his arms, Rollins said, “So?”

So it didn’t upset him? Rollins shook his head no.

“When you have a group of guys that we have here, those rules can be unwritten and rewritten and overlooked,” Jayson Werth said. “It could really bother some people and disrupt a clubhouse. But since everybody knows each other so well and we believe in each other and we’ve got such a good thing going on here, it wouldn’t necessarily be true for us. I’ve played on teams where that would have been a problem, but that’s not this team. I don’t think Cole was doing that to be malicious. He was just in the heat of the moment. I think Chase and Jimmy would overlook that because that’s a play they could make. They didn’t make it. It’s part of the game. It’s not a big deal, but I know what you’re saying because I’ve seen it be a big deal.”

Hamels said he thinks Rollins and Utley understood it happened in the heat of the moment.

“I’m so into the game. I’m a fan, too,” Hamels said. “If this game was in Philly, what do you think the crowd would have done? It’s high emotions, high intensity. You want to get things done, and I reacted just like the fans would have. But I’m supposed to be the professional and I’m not allowed to do that. I think they understand I didn’t mean anything by it. It looks better to pitch 5 1/3 and give up one run vs. four, but the ultimate goal is to win. I’ll say I’m sorry to the guys. I think we’re such a good team and good teammates that they understand the frustrations.”

I think the issue Dubee might have is not so much showing up his teammates, but the fact that Hamels has lost his focus a few times this season when things haven’t gone his way and it has hurt him. Hamels acknowledged that to be the case last night, and three pitches later Manny Ramirez hit a two-run home run. 


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Remembering the NLCS

ramirez nlcs.jpgThe Dodgers still have last year’s National League Championship Series on their minds.

The Brewers hit Manny Ramirez with a pitch Tuesday in a 17-4 loss to the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers retaliated and beaned Prince Fielder with a pitch with two outs in the ninth inning. An enraged Fielder tried to storm the Dodgers clubhouse after the game only to have teammates and security guards hold him back.

Dodgers catcher Russell Martin explained why Guillermo Mota hit Fielder.

“We don’t want the same scenario that happened last year in the playoffs where the Phillies kind of tried to intimidate us by throwing at Manny and we really didn’t retaliate,” he said. “We don’t want to be considered as a team that doesn’t have our players’ backs.”

The Phillies pitched aggressively to Ramirez during the NLCS, which the Phillies won in five games. Brett Myers memorably threw behind Ramirez’s back in Game 2. The Dodgers didn’t retaliate until Game 3 in Los Angeles, when Hirkoi Kuroda threw at Shane Victorino‘s head.

“As long as you keep the ball in front it’s up to the hitter to get out of the way,” Charlie Manuel said. “Yeah, we got aggressive with Manny. Manny tries to get aggressive with us, doesn’t us? That’s how you play baseball.”


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Amaro Talks Halladay, Martinez, World Peace, Etc.

ruben green.jpgRoy Halladay
! Roy Halladay! Roy Halladay!

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. spoke with reporters a few minutes ago at Citizens Bank Park. He would not comment specifically about Halladay, who is available via trade. But he talked about trading for the theoretical stud pitcher. He also said little about Pedro Martinez other than “we are trying to do what we can to add to our club, and if we feel at the end of the day Pedro is going to help us than we’ll make a run at him.”

Question: Can you go out and get a stud pitcher?
Answer: We have some flexibility. A lot of it depends on the player that we’re talking about. But we have some flexibility. It’s not unlimited. And as you know, we have the highest payroll we’ve ever had. We’re well over $130 million, and there is a limit to what we can spend.

Q: Are there untouchable players in your farm system?
A: There are some untouchables in our system. We feel that we’re building a pretty strong farm system. … We have to be prudent about what our future is about. It is important to win now, and we understand the importance of that. But that said, there are players we would like to keep for our future. And I would say they’re not as touchable as others.

Q: But it is a situation where you absolutely would not trade somebody? If the best player in the Major Leagues is available, are there still players you would not consider trading?
A: There are.

(Those players are right-handers Kyle Drabek and Jason Knapp and outfielder Dominic Brown.)

Q: Last year you reportedly finished second in the CC Sabathia sweepstakes …
A: Really? If you’re second, you’re last, I guess.

Q: Are you in better position to make a trade for somebody like a Halladay this year?
A: I think we’re in good position to do some things overall. Like I said, I think our farm system has improved. Again, when you’re talking about doing trades of any type, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We may think our guys are much better than they think our guys are.  We’ll try to be aggressive with the right deal. At the same time, we have to be prudent about what some of these moves might impact our future, too.

Q: You understand fans and the manager don’t like to hear that?
A: Oh, yeah, I understand that. The goal is to win this year. There’s no question about that. That doesn’t change. But we didn’t get CC last year and we didn’t get Manny (Ramirez) last year and most of these guys on the field right now are toting rings around.

Q: Would you substract from the Major-League roster to make a trade?
A: The goal is to add, not to subtract. That’s really the goal, so subtracting doesn’t necessarily help us.

Q: If there is a guy you’re pretty sure can help you win a World Series this year, but you’d have to give up a guy you think might be a superstar … is that a tough call to make? Kind of like Doyle Alexander for John Smoltz. Is it worth giving up a guy like Smoltz for a World Series?
A: Well, if you can guarantee me that it’s going to win a World Series then probably, yeah. You don’t get a chance to win too many World Series. But that’s the thing. When teams put a really huge investment in a move they expect to win. Some pretty big names got moved last year and while those teams made the playoffs, they didn’t necessarily make for a championship club.


Asked about getting a right-handed bat for the bench, Amaro said, “I’d like to. Do we need to? I’m not sure. We’ve picked up guys like Matt Stairs late.”


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NLCS Rematch Anybody?

vicotirno 0607.jpgChad Durbin
allowed the game-winning home run to Dodgers rightfielder Andre Ethier in the 12th inning Saturday to make the first three games of a four-game series between the Phillies and Dodgers at Dodger Stadium pretty memorable.

“About what I expected,” Durbin said afterward.

How so?

Two good teams playing close, well-played games, he said.

Cole Hamels shutout the Dodgers on Thursday, Brad Lidge blew saves Friday and Saturday and the Phillies got good pitching and timely hitting in a 7-2 victory Sunday. The Dodgers and Phillies went their separate ways with the two best records in baseball, and there is no reason to think these teams cannot meet again this October in a rematch of the 2008 National League Championship Series:

  • The Phillies and Dodgers have the two best offenses in the National League with the Phillies averaging a league-best 5.5 runs per game and the Dodgers averaging 5.2 runs per game. Of course, the Dodgers have been without Manny Ramirez for a significant stretch, but you have to believe these teams will continue to score runs the remainder of the season.
  • The Dodgers have a 3.63 ERA, which is the best in the league. The Phillies have a 4.63 ERA, which ranks 15th. But the Phillies have a 3.62 ERA in their 23 games, which shows signs they are capable of pitching like they pitched last season.
  • The Phillies have a .991 fielding percentage, which leads the league. The Dodgers have a .989 fielding percentage, which ranks second. (I know there are other ways to rate a team’s defense, but it’s 2:25 a.m. Eastern and I have a flight to catch in a couple hours, so give me a pass.) The point I’m trying to make is these two teams are pretty good defensively, too.

“You never know what happens once you get to the playoffs,” Lidge said. “It seems if everything happens the way it has happened it could be the matchup. You never know who it’s going to be because somebody is going to get really hot going into the playoffs, and at that time you’re going to have to fight them off. Yeah, you’d hope the season progresses the way it does and we can meet these guys in the NLCS.”

“They are pretty darn good,” Dodgers manager Joe Torre said. “We held our own with them. “We beat them on their field and we split here. I think that was important for us to beat them on their field and that was based on the fact that they swept us four games last year, plus the two in the playoffs. If we do meet them in the postseason, I think that is something that we do not have to concern ourselves with.”


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Koplove Takes His Out Clause

koplove.jpgTriple-A Lehigh Valley right-hander Mike Koplove, a Philadelphia native, has taken an out clause in his contract to become a free agent.

Koplove signed a Minor League contract with the Phillies that stated he must be in the big leagues by June 1 or he can go elsehwere. He went 1-3 with a 1.14 ERA in 21 appearances with the IronPigs, so Koplove obviously feels he can get a job in somebody’s bullpen.

Unfortunately for him, even with the way he was throwing, there was not room for him unless there would have been an injury.

Righthander Gary Majewski also has a June 1 opt out clause in his contract, but there is no word if Majewski has taken his.


Charlie Manuel was asked before tonight’s game in San Diego if Manny Ramirez should play in the All-Star Game, if he gets elected as a starter: “I think if he’s elected and Major League Baseball, if that’s their procedure, then it’s fine. I think everything is fine.”


Manuel also made it clear the Phillies need to improve their rotation, and not with a bottom-of-the-rotation type of guy.

“I don’t care if it’s outside the system or inside the system, we definitely need to upgrade our pitching,” he said. “Once Myers goes out we’ve got to find somebody close to Myers. Myers is a top of rotation pithcer. We pay him a lot of money to pitch for us. And he was definitely our No. 2 pitcher. We have to find some body that can go into the rotations and replace him.”

Wait, What Happened to Manny?

manny.jpgThe Phillies and Dodgers meet tonight for the first time since the ’08 NLCS.

Manny Ramirez won’t be there.

I’m going to miss the ‘lil guy.


We look at the top moments of the ’08 NLCS (with video, too).


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Ozark Dies, Manny Being Manny

ozark.jpgFormer Phillies manager Danny Ozark died today.

He was 85.

“Our family is deeply saddened by the news that Danny passed away,” former Phillies president Ruly Carpenter said. Danny was more than a baseball manager, he was a genuine human being.  We would not have had the success in the ’70s if it wasn’t for him.  He taught those guys how to play the game,” former Phillies president Ruly Carpenter.

“He was a good friend, my first major league manager, played a major role in early years my career, and was instrumental in building us into prominence in the mid-1970’s,” Mike Schmidt said. “He brought a wealth of baseball experience from his years with the Dodgers to Philadelphia and we were fortunate to have him as our leader throughout that time. My wife and I extend our deepest sympathy to Ginny and the Ozark family.”

“Danny was the guy that took us from last to first,” Bob Boone said. “He was the perfect manager for the Phillies in the 70’s.  He had the patience of Job and helped all of us grow up as men and players. He was a wonderful man. He will be missed but his legacy will live on.”

I spoke with Ozark last summer for a book I was working on. He couldn’t have been nicer. I talked with him for about 45 minutes about everything from the greatest players in Phillies history to his decisions during Black Friday. Very generous with his time. Very open and honest. I appreciated that.


So we learned earlier today that Manny Ramirez has been suspended 50 games for violating the league’s policy against performance enhancing drugs.

Do you care?

Personally, I’m tired of it. But let’s begin the “Are you shocked?” questions and “Should he be in the Hall of Fame?” questions. Don’t worry, it should be over in about a month or two.

I think Matt Stairs put it best.

“People are going to have to stop taking this health bull (bleep) and go back to being chubby and having fun,” he said.


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