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Bye Bye Boot

Ryan Howard said Tuesday he hoped to lose the protective boot on his left foot sometime in the next two weeks.

But he showed up this morning at Bright House Field without the boot and worked out without the boot. Good news? Well, it’s not bad news, which has been coming every day lately for the Phillies infield. Placido Polanco sprained his left ring finger Saturday, although he took batting practice Thursday. Chase Utley left the team Monday to have an unknown specialist in an undisclosed location – although he had been spotted this week in the Phoenix area – look at his bad knees. Utility infielder Michael Martinez then broke his right foot Tuesday, leaving the Phillies incredibly thin in the infield.

So a bootless Howard is arguably the best news the Phillies have received in a while. He had surgery to repair his ruptured left Achilles in October. He had been progressing nicely, but an infection developed last month, which required a second surgical procedure to remove sutures that had not dissolved. Howard had been in the boot for more than three weeks to let the second wound heal.

“I don’t think it really set me back,” Howard insisted. “Because I think the biggest concern was my tendon and the tendon was never an issue. The tendon was repaired in October. So even with me not doing what I was doing before from a rehab standpoint, the tendon is still getting stronger, a little bit every day. So now I can get back to doing more strength-training stuff. So I don’t think it was really a setback at all. … It’s one of those things where I’ve looked at it as a blessing in disguise”


Howard Headed North for Checkup

Ryan Howard is headed north for a checkup early next week with foot and ankle specialist Mark Myerson.

Reports this afternoon said Howard suffered a setback, but Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a telephone interview this evening that is not the case.

Howard, however, has developed a seroma from the stitches following his left Achilles surgery in October.

“We don’t view that as a setback or affecting his rehab or anything like that,” Amaro said. “He’s doing real well. His strength is starting to come. He’s doing more baseball activities. You saw him on the field take BP today.”

Amaro said the appointment with Myerson was scheduled days ago.

“If he continues to do more baseball activities, it’s important for him to be seen by the doctor,” he said. “The added benefit of going to see the doctor is he can deal with the seroma that needs to be dealt with. Who knows what the doctor might find, but we don’t view it as a setback. It’s not changing his progress. If something does we’ll let you know.”

Howard is expected back in camp Tuesday or Wednesday.


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Howard: 5-6 Month Recovery

The Phillies hope Ryan Howard can be back in their lineup in April.

He had surgery this morning in Baltimore to repair a completely torn Achilles tendon in his left leg. Foot and ankle specialist Mark Myerson performed the surgery and also administered a PRP injection. The Phillies said the surgery was successful, and general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement, “It’s going to be five to six months from the surgery until he can play at his accustomed level.”

Howard tore the Achilles making the final out Friday in Game 5 of the National League Division Series.

“A lot depends on how he recovers,” Amaro said. “The start of the season could be impacted, but I still hope he makes his first at-bat of the season.”

The Phillies said Howard will be immobilized one to two weeks, and could begin weight bearing and strength in about a month, but that depends on his recovery.