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Getting the Pitchers Work

It seems in recent years the Phillies have had maybe two or three pitchers competing for jobs in the rotation.

This year there is four. Five, if you include the fact that Adam Eaton must pitch.

Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee must find a way for Kyle Kendrick, J.A. Happ, Chan Ho Park and Carlos Carrasco — the four candidates for the fifth starter’s job — to pitch, while also getting work for Cole Hamels, Brett Myers, Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton. Dubee said that won’t be a problem early in spring training. He can have some of those pitchers throw on the same day early in the spring because they won’t be stretched out to throw several innings. But that task will become more difficult as the spring progresses and those pitchers can pitch deeper into games.

Expect to see Hamels, Myers, etc., pitching in a few minor-league spring training games this spring, which will allow the others to pitch against big-league talent.

“It’s a nice luxury to have to know you’ve got four guys that are pretty much penciled into your rotation from the get-go,” Dubee said. “But at the same time there is a fifth spot available and there are some bullpen jobs available. One thing Charlie (Manuel) always has allowed me to do is set the pitching up. He always wants to make sure he sees everybody. So everybody will get an ample amount of time on the mound. Competition is a great thing.”


Rule 5 Draft pick Robert Mosebach is a little behind schedule because he had some shoulder tendinitis pitching last fall in the Arizona Fall League. He threw this morning, and Dubee said he threw well.

He will throw his first BP on Monday.


Hitters took like BP this morning. Not many quality swings out there.

“Guys were tracking,” Manuel said. “I didn’t see too many swings. That’s part of it. From what I saw, the pitchers got their work in.”


Pat Burrell appeared in a “Welcome to Charlotte County” parade for the Tampa Bay Rays. The Fightins compares that parade to the one the Phillies had last October. You know, that one where they celebrated the World Series.


This is a few days old, but Beerleaguer puts together an interesting list of former Phillies who are non-roster invitees in other camps this spring. … This also is a few days old, but Balls, Sticks, & Stuff has some photos from spring training 1912 — in Arkansas.

Burrell Makes Some Adjustments

Pat Burrell is in Tampa Bay Rays camp, and the former Phillies leftfielder talked about the adjustments he is facing.

One of those adjustments is being a DH.

“I haven’t done a whole lot of it,” Burrell said. “I’m trying to talk to as many guys as I can about that, trying to get the right mind-set. The whole deal is getting comfortable. Spring Training is a good time for that. And I haven’t spoken to [Rays manager] Joe [Maddon] too much about it. But it looks like that’s what I’m going to be doing most of my time. It’s something I’ve got to work on and get comfortable with.”


The Phillies completed their first full squad workout today. Charlie Manuel said Chase Utley has moved past Pedro Feliz in terms of being ready for Opening Day. Utley is taking fielding practice and taking swings off the practice tee. Feliz is doing neither, but could be throwing in a few days.

The uncertainty surrounding Utley and Feliz means camp should be especially interesting for Eric Bruntlett, Jason Donald, Marcus Giles and Miguel Cairo. Only Bruntlett is guaranteed a spot on the team, but the other three could be needed to fill the void if Utley and/or Feliz aren’t ready to start the season.


Manuel won’t be at tomorrow’s workout. He’s flying to Colorado to attend the funeral of Giants scout Ted Uhlaender. They played together in the Minnesota Twins organization.


Mike Schmidt is in camp, and will meet with reporters tomorrow morning.


The Phillies are being fitting for tuxedo’s tomorrow for a photo shoot Friday with the World Series trophy. The photo will appear in Phillies magazine.


Here’s an entertaining exchange between Larry Bowa and Brad Penny.

Ibanez vs. Burrell

pat burrell.jpgPat Gillick
addressed Pat Burrell and Raul Ibanez yesterday, and he had some interesting things to say.

He said the Phillies tried during the season to bring back Burrell, but Burrell was looking for too much (i.e. money and years, although he said the years concerned the Phillies the most). So the Phillies stepped back, let Burrell walk and signed Ibanez to a three-year, $31.5 million contract.

Burrell turned into a fan favorite late in his Phillies career, but I think Ibanez is an upgrade. Remember that Burrell hit just .215 after the all-star break and just .230 after May 4. He had been 0 for 13 in the World Series before his leadoff double in the seventh inning in Game 5 of the World Series. He was prone to long slumps. He couldn’t run. Charlie Manuel regularly replaced him in left field in the late innings. Now, I’m not saying Burrell isn’t a productive hitter. He averaged 31 homers and 99 RBIs the last four years. That’s productive. That’s very productive. But if it meant signing Burrell to a four-year, $48 million contract mid-season or signing Ibanez to a three-year, $31.5 million in the off-season, I’d take Ibanez.

Of course, look around. Bobby Abreu just signed a one-year, $6 million deal with the Angels. Adam Dunn just signed a two-year, $20 million contract with the Nationals.

Didn’t the Phillies overpay for Ibanez?

Hard to say. Gillick said the Cubs were hot after Ibanez, too. I also heard the Angels, Braves and Mets pursued him. Why? Because it seems those teams also considered him the best lefthanded-hitting outfielder on the market. So I don’t think the Phillies could have gotten Ibanez for two years, $20 million like Dunn because I think somebody else would have gotten Ibanez before the price would have dropped on him.

“The Cubs were in it pretty thick,” Gillick said. “It’s funny. When I was over there (in Seattle), Lou (Piniella) didn’t play (Ibanez) a lot. He became a free agent and went to Kansas City. He did well in Kansas City. Even though he didn’t play for us, they had a good relationship. So I thought Lou was in there plugging pretty good with the Cubs on this deal. I don’t think he would have been (available). The Cubs were searching for lefthanded hitting. My opinion would be that I would prefer Ibanez over Milton Bradley. I’d prefer this guy over Milton Bradley just from an injury standpoint. Milton Bradley to me is an American League player who’s a DH, part-time outfielder. He’s not a day in and day out player in the National League.”

Ibanez’s age (he’s 36) doesn’t concern him?

“No, he’s in great shape,” Gillick said. “In my mind he is (an upgrade over Burrell).”


Ryan Howard meets with reporters after his workout today. J.C. Romero meets with reporters tomorrow.

Gillick Likes The Phils' Chances

pat gillick.jpgPat Gillick
, who is serving as an advisor to new general manager Ruben Amaro Jr., met with reporters for about 30 minutes today at Bright House Field, and touched on a variety of topics:

On the Phillies’ chances to defend their World Series championship: “I think we’ve got a good chance.”

On the off-season Amaro had: “I think he’s had a good off-season. Keeping the club together and adding a couple guys, (Raul) Ibanez, Chan Ho Park, etc., I think that’s going to help. Basically, it looks like a club that’s together for a couple, three years, for sure.”

On the Phillies’ estimated record $131.5 million payroll: “It says we’ve got good players. There was a feeling the Phillies wouldn’t pay. I think if the Phillies have talent and the players warrant being rewarded, they’ll pay. It’s just the fact that you want to make sure you hopefully reward the right players.”

On possibly being a GM again, despite his recent retirement: “You never say never, I guess. You don’t know, you know? I think I’d rather do it if something popped up like president of the baseball-side, if they had a split operation of business and baseball, and have a GM working under me. I wouldn’t ever say never.”

On if he thought the Phillies could sign Ryan Howard to a multiyear contract extension: “I would have been pessimistic, but I think three weeks ago Ruben was optimistic we could do something. He had a good feeling about it.”

On if he pushed to sign Ibanez: “Yeah, I did. He fits in our clubhouse. He’s a very positive guy in the clubhouse. He’s probably going to hit for more power in our ballpark than he hit in Seattle. Fundamentally, he’s a very sound player that makes very few mistakes. And he’s a hard worker, maybe to the point where he wants to be perfectionist. He brings a very, very positive approach to the clubhouse. I think he’s going to do well here.”

On if the Phillies could have signed Ibanez for less than the three-year, $31.5 million contract they gave him had they waited: “The Cubs were in it pretty thick. … I don’t think he would have been (available had they waited). The Cubs were searching for lefthanded hitting.”

On if he thought Pat Burrell‘s time had run out in Philadelphia: “We tried during the season to really bring Pat back. I think they had a little more grandeur than we did. We would have brought Pat back, but I think their thinking at that time was a little different than it actually ended up (two-year, $16 million with Tampa Bay). I think their expectation level was a little higher. … We were in different areas. … They were looking for a longer deal than we wanted to do. The length was more of the problem.”

I’ll have more of what Gillick had to say online later.