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Myers: "We've Got the Hardware"

Somebody needs to write the Mets some new material.

Jimmy Rollins called the Phillies the team to beat in 2007, and they won the National League East. Carlos Beltran attempt a Rollins in 2008, when he called the Mets the team to beat … except the Phillies successfully defended their division title and won the World Series, while the Mets faded down the stretch for the second consecutive season.

Francisco Rodriguez then called the Mets the team to beat over the weekend. K-Rod later said he wasn’t aware of the Team to Beat history between the Phillies and Mets.

(Pat Riley once trademarked the phrase threepeat. Rollins is a good businessman. I’m surprised he hasn’t trademarked Team to Beat by now.)

“I’m so tired of talking about them,” Brett Myers said today. “I’m just tired of it. They can think what the hell they want, but we’ve got the hardware right now. It’s their job to take it from us. It’s our job to keep it.”

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