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Charlie Talks About His Favorite Squirrel Song

It seems like the Phillies are pretty loose before Game 5, including Charlie Manuel, who held a news conference a few minutes ago.

Question: As someone who also grew up hunting squirrels, have you requested any squirrel proofing of the park for tomorrow, and are you afraid of a squirrel curse?

Answer: No, not at all.  Like I’ve seen squirrels a lot in different ballparks besides St. Louis, of course, but at the same time the squirrel over there was a little bit different.  There is a country western song about a squirrel, like getting in this church on a Sunday, and that’s kind of funny.  I’m trying to think about ‑‑ (Ray) Stevens sings it, sure does.  Same guy that sang The Streak and all those songs, yeah, gotcha.

Here’s that song, if you’re wondering what exactly he’s talking about.