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Utley Writes Back Mac

Chase Utley finally answered Mac’s letter from It’s Always Sunny.

I spoke to Rob McElhenney in 2010 about the love letter to Utley and more.

Rob McElhenney Talks Utley, Howard and Phillies

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A little more than a week ago you probably thought this weekend’s series in Atlanta would mean something.

It turns out it doesn’t.

We’ll have plenty of time before Game 1 to discuss the NLDS rotation, the postseason roster, the Cincinnati Reds, Placido Polanco‘s elbow and Jimmy Rollins‘ hamstring. So let’s move into the weekend the right way, with an interview I did Tuesday with Philadelphia native Rob McElhenney, creator and star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley are appearing in the Dec. 2 episode, so I thought it would be a good time to talk to Rob about it, and get his thoughts on other things Phillies related:

(Note: Rob allowed me to watch the scenes in which Utley and Howard appear. I definitely laughed. Check out the story on, with reaction from Utley and Howard.)

Question: I know Utley and Howard are appearing in an upcoming episode. I’ve seen some dicey cameos from athletes on other TV shows. How did they do?
Answer: I thought they did a really amazing job. I thought they were better than a lot of actors we wind up having on the show. I thought they did a (freakin’) amazing job.

Question: Really?
Answer: I thought so.

Question: Were you aware of Utley’s reputation for being a guy that isn’t especially talkative or outgoing, at least publicly? I was surprised he even said yes.
Answer: He was the first person to say yes. We got word back from his representation, I think within an hour, that he was into it. I don’t think that he and (his wife) Jen watched the show before we mentioned him in the last season. I think a bunch of his buddies watch the show and handed him the DVD. I think he got the joke.

Question: I know Chase told me that he thought the “Chase Utley love letter” was pretty funny.
Answer: It spawned from a conversation we were having in the writer’s room about what an interesting phenomena it is as you grow older to continue to think about professional athletes as being older than you. I think it’s just something that happens when you’re a kid, and then when you look up the ages of some of these guys … I’m like two years older than Chase, and I thought what a funny idea it would be if a character looked up to Chase Utley as his older brother-type figure. Then he comes to find out that he’s older than him and how sad that is.



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