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Everybody Surprised Hernandez Tossed, Except Umps

Roberto HernandezNobody seemed more surprised that Roberto Hernandez got ejected in the sixth inning last night at Citizens Bank Park than Hernandez.

Or maybe it was Ryne Sandberg.

Or maybe it was Starlin Castro and players and coaches from both the Phillies and Cubs clubhouses. Or every fan in the ballpark.

Home plate umpire Mark Ripperger, who is a Triple-A call up, ejected Hernandez almost immediately after he threw a first-pitch fastball that ran inside to hit Castro, who homered against him in the fourth inning of a 2-1 Cubs victory. It was a 2-0 game with two outs in the sixth and Hernandez had thrown just 81 pitches as he hoped to pitch past the sixth inning for just the third time in 12 starts this season.

“I was very, very surprised,” Hernandez said. “I didn’t throw that on purpose. I had two outs. I wanted to pitch into the next inning.”

Castro and Cubs manager Rick Renteria agreed.

“I don’t think he did it on purpose,” Castro said. “He’s a good friend of mine. I know him a lot. I see him every day in the Dominican. I was surprised because I don’t even know why the umpire threw him out for that. It was the same pitch as the homer. That ball ran in because he doesn’t have control.”

“I don’t think they were trying to hit Starlin,” Renteria said. “I think the ball got away from the kid.”

Crew chief Gary Cederstrom spoke briefly to a pool reporter after the game, barely looking up from his newspaper as he talked.

“I thought the appropriate action was taken,” Cederstrom said.

Why was Hernandez ejected?

“Intentionally throwing at the batter,” he said.

How did he know that? Was he reading his mind?

“That’s our job,” he said.

Ryne Sandberg jogged onto the field in disbelief. Ripperger ejected Sandberg shortly thereafter.

“Quick toss of the pitcher with no warning,” Sandberg said. “Well, there were some other pitches inside the rest of the game and even early on in the game. Hernandez did not have his control throughout the game. I think that has to go noticed by an umpire. Typically there’s a warning there if he thinks he did it on purpose. There was no way it was on purpose.”

Phillies Add Hernandez (aka Carmona)

hernandezBefore he left the Winter Meetings today, Ruben Amaro Jr. discussed a mystery man he believes will help his 2014 rotation.

He never mentioned the pitcher by name because he needs to pass a physical before the Phillies announce the deal. But a source said it is right-hander Roberto Hernandez, who pitched under the name Fausto Carmona before he was arrested in Jan. 2012 for using a false identity.

It is a one-year deal, which reported is worth $4.5 million with $1.5 million in incentives.

Hernandez, 33, went 6-13 with a 4.89 ERA in 32 starts (24 appearances) last season with the Rays. He made his last start Aug. 27 before Tampa Bay moved him to the bullpen.

He will join a rotation that includes Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, Kyle Kendrick and Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez.

“It’s more of a depth guy,” Amaro said. “It’s not somebody who is going to slide into the top of the rotation. But we need some depth. We’re trying to get the best bang for our buck, and in this marketplace it’s tough because the prices have soared pretty significantly. We’re just trying to add a little bit of depth.”



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