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Next Few Days Critical for Polanco

Placido Polanco said he will know no later than Tuesday if he needs surgery, although he likely will know earlier than that.

He received a cortisone injection this Tuesday to treat a sports hernia, which he said has bothered him for about a month. He said today he felt a little better.

He said surgery could keep him off the field anywhere from three to six weeks. Three or four weeks would not be a problem because he would have enough time to get back on the field and play. But six weeks would put his return at the end of the regular season, which would make him ill prepared for the postseason.

“I’m going to need the surgery, so why not get it over with?” he wondered. “But what’s preventing it? We’re playing for something. You can’t take it for granted. You don’t know when you’ll be in the playoffs again. We have a pretty good chance. I don’t want to miss it. This is when it gets fun. … I don’t know how much better I’m going to get in two days. That’s why I got the shot. To try to play through it. They said they think they can manage it. I trust them.”

Polanco said on a 1-10 scale his pain in San Francisco, when he last played, was a nine. He said it was a six Friday.

“I feel it just standing here,” he said.


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Polanco Has Sports Hernia; Could Require Surgery

Ruben Amaro Jr. certainly could have been bluffing this evening at Dodger Stadium.

He said if Placido Polanco’s sports hernia injury requires surgery and he misses a significant period of time, the Phillies will not look outside the organization for help at third base. He said Michael Martinez and Wilson Valdez will man the position through the remainder of the season, even if it includes a deep run into October.

“They will be the ones who will play,” he said.

Polanco left Saturday’s game in San Francisco because of soreness in his left hip. He flew to Philadelphia yesterday for a MRI exam today. The results revealed a chronic sports hernia injury. He will receive an injection tomorrow and be evaluated Friday.

If the shot does not relieve Polanco of his discomfort he probably will have surgery. Amaro said surgery would not necessarily end his season.

“Our doctors tell us it could be somewhere between three weeks and a month,” Amaro said. “I think we can manage him through it, but we’ll find out more Friday.”

Amaro said he is hopeful Polanco can play through the injury, much like Raul Ibanez played through it in 2009. Amaro added Polanco’s injury does not seem to be nearly as severe as Ibanez’s. Ibanez’s required offseason surgery.

“It’s not an uncommon set of circumstances,” Amaro said. “He actually felt much, much better even before he flew out.”


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