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Bastardo vs. Peavy

bastardo.jpgTonight’s game at Petco Park has some intrigue to it.

Phillies rookie Antonio Bastardo, who is taking Brett Myers‘ place in the rotation, faces Padres ace Jake Peavy, who the Phillies would like to take Myers’ place in the rotation (Roy Halladay or Roy Oswalt wouldn’t be bad, either).

It is true Peavy is a long shot to come to Philadelphia, but that does not mean the Phillies aren’t interested. We’ve been over this before. The Phillies and Padres would have to agree on the talent to be exchanged for Peavy, which is not easy. The Phillies would have to decide if they can take on the remaining $63 million on Peavy’s contract — no small task considering the Phillies have nearly $100 committed to a handful of players next season. And, oh, Peavy would have to waive his no-trade clause to make it happen, and there are indications he would be unwilling to do that.

But who knows? Maybe Peavy can’t work a trade to one of his preferred teams (Cubs, Dodgers) and has to think to himself, “Either I stay with the Padres, where they’ll have to cut payroll elsewhere, or I go to Philadelphia for three years.”


The Phillies optioned John Mayberry Jr. to Triple-A Lehigh Valley to make room for Bastardo. The Phillies want Mayberry to play everyday. When the Phillies activate J.C. Romero after tonight’s game, I imagine left-hander Sergio Escalona will be headed back to the Minors.


The Pen – the reality series featuring the Phillies bullpen – debuts Sun., June 14 @ 8 pm on MLB Network.


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So There's No Rose Ceremony?

bullpen.jpgPhillies relievers are about to become reality TV stars.

OK, not reality stars like Flavor Flav or Vern Troyer(and thank God for that). But MLB Productions has been in Clearwater for the past week, shooting the debut episode of The Pen, an inside look at the Phillies’ bullpen. It is MLB Network’s first original programming, and it is scheduled to debut June 1.

There will be six episodes through the all-star break.

“I think it’ll be pretty neat,” Clay Condrey said.

You’ll probably become a star, Clay.

“I ain’t no star,” he said.

The program is expected to give fans an inside look at how a bullpen operates (i.e. how individual relief pitchers work as a team). There also will be off-the-field footage to give fans a feel for what these guys are like.