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Lidge Has Surgery

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for lidge knee.jpgThe Phillies announced Brad Lidge had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee at the Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital yesterday. Team physician Michael Ciccotti performed the surgery, which consisted of the removal of loose bodies and meniscal debridement.

“The surgery went well and Brad is expected to begin his throwing program in 10 days,” head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan said in a statement. “We’re not sure if he’ll be ready by Opening Day, but we don’t expect that he’ll be too far behind. This surgery was not directly related to any previous surgeries.”

Update: Here is what Ruben Amaro Jr. said before he hopped on a plane this afternoon: “He was working out this offseason, continuing his rehab on his elbow. His elbow is doing extremely well. We’re very encouraged by that. He had some discomfort in his right knee during the course of those workouts, so we decided to take a look at it.”

Lidge had a MRI. Amaro said the Phillies decided to do “expoloratory surgery on the knee.” He said Ciccotti found nothing dramatic inside it. He said he trimmed some cartilage and took out a loose body or two.

“It was not a particularly invasive procedure,” Amaro said. “We think the recovery time is two to three weeks. He should be throwing a baseball shortly. For us it really doesn’t dramatically change the start time on his clock. We’re not sure if he’ll be ready by Opening Day. Again, if it’s just after Opening Day that’s fine. As long as he’s 100 percent healthy that’s the goal. But if he’s not available by Opening Day, he’ll be available soon thereafter.”


Brett Myers said during his introductory news conference with the Astros that he wants to “stick it” to the Phillies when he faces him. He basically said the same thing the day the Phillies told him that he wouldn’t be back in 2010, but he said it in a joking kind of way. He also said that day that he hopes Phillies fans get on him the way they got on other former Phillies when they returned to town.

Funny, but I thought Tomas “Pie Man” Perez got a warm reception his first time back in Philly.


Details of Danys Baez‘s two-year, $5.25 million contract:

He will make $2.5 million in 2010 and $2.75 million in 2011. He gets $50,000 for 45 games pitched; $50,000 for 50 games; $50,000 for 55 games; $50,000 for 60 games; and $50,000 for 65 games. He gets $100,000 for 30 games finished; $150,000 for 35 games finished; $150,000 for 40 games finished; $150,000 for 45 games finished; $200,000 for 50 games finished; $250,000 for 55 games finished; and $500,000 for 60 games finished. Plus: $50,000 for All Star; $100,000 for World Series MVP; $50,000 for League Championship Series MVP; $100,000 for Rolaids Relief Man Award($75,000-2nd; $50,000-3rd); $25,000 for Gold Glove; $25,000 for Silver Slugger.


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