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Empire State of Mind

granny hamner and yogi berra.jpgSo we’ve got ourselves a little Amtrak/Turnpike World Series.

I like it.

It’s Phillies vs. Yankees, and I couldn’t think of a better match up. If the Phillies want to build a legacy or a dynasty or whatever you want to call it, this is the team you want to beat. You want to beat the Yankees because they are the best baseball has to offer.


These teams have met just once before in the postseason: the 1950 World Series. The Yankees swept the Phillies in four games, but I don’t expect that to happen this time. I think the Phillies’ offense is too good not to put some runs on the board.

The above photo is Yogi Berra tagging out Granny Hamner at the plate in Game 4.


Charlie Manuel would not answer a question yesterday afternoon about Cole Hamels possibly starting Game 2. Manuel could have tipped his hand there. He could be leaning toward starting Pedro Martinez in Game 2. I thought Martinez might set up better to start Game 3 at Citizens Bank Park, but we know Martinez won’t be intimidated at Yankee Stadium. It will be interesting to see which way the Phillies go. We know it’s Cliff Lee in Game 1. We also know it’ll probably be Hamels or Martinez in Game 2 with the other likely pitching Game 3.

The Game 3 starter would line up to pitch Game 7, if necessary and if the Phillies don’t bring back Lee on short rest.


I’m picking the Phillies in six.


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