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Ice Cold Bats

lee 0928.jpgYorman Bazardo
? Really?

The Phillies got just two hits and two runs in 5 2/3 innings last night against Bazardo in an 8-2 loss to Houston at Citizens Bank Park. That would not be noteworthy, except Bazardo was 0-2 with a 9.55 ERA.

The Phillies have lost five of their last seven games, and while they certainly have problems in the bullpen the offense simply has not put teams away. Here are the pitchers the Phillies have faced in those seven games and their records and ERAs before they faced the them:

  • Monday vs. Houston: Bazardo.
  • Sunday in Milwaukee: Dave Bush (5-8, 6.22 ERA)
  • Saturday in Milwaukee: Braden Looper (13-7, 5.12 ERA)
  • Friday in Milwaukee: Manny Parra (10-10, 6.42 ERA)
  • Thursday in Milwaukee: Jeff Suppan (7-10, 4.76 ERA)
  • Wednesday in Florida: Rick VandenHurk (2-2, 4.24 ERA)
  • Tuesday in Florida: Anibal Sanchez (2-7, 4.50 ERA)

Here are the next three pitchers the Phillies face:

  • Tuesday: Wilton Lopez (0-0, 10.38 ERA)
  • Wednesday: Brian Moehler (8-10, 4.86 ERA)
  • Thursday: Felipe Paulino (2-10, 6.06 ERA)

Six of those 10 pitchers have a 5.12 ERA or higher. Five of them have a 6.06 ERA or higher. No pitcher has better than a 4.24 ERA.

The Phillies need to win just two of their final six games to clinch no worse than a tie in the National League East. They need to win just three to win outright. You have to think the Phillies can beat two of these Astros pitchers before the Marlins come to town this weekend, right?

The problem is nobody other than Ryan Howard is hot at the top of the lineup, and even he isn’t on fire. Here are the September averages for the everyday eight: Jimmy Rollins (.261), Shane Victorino (.227), Chase Utley (.222), Howard (.294), Jayson Werth (.239), Raul Ibanez (.268), Pedro Feliz (.227), Carlos Ruiz (.319) and Paul Bako (.286).

The Phillies are dragging down the stretch, which is not a good sign for the postseason. But the Astros sure are setting them up nicely with the next three pitchers they face.


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